Monthly Archives: November 2006

Calcanis To Join The Podcast Network

It seems that a recent series of events in the blogging world have led to moves that may be favouring the CEO of The Podcast Network (TPN), Cameron Reilly.

Reilly is rumoured to be in current discussions with Jason Calcanis in a bid to move him to TPN in the new year.

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The New (Legitimate) Porn Presence: eBay and Apple

Following the web steps of Google and PayPal last week, eBay CTO Paul Strong and Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, have announced a joint venture in which Apple will sell off its surplus and unusable porn stock to eBay.

The stock, consisting of items that have either not sold well or have too been hot for Apple to sell, will be available through a registered section of the eBay portal.

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Microsoft’s Gates Gets Bird From Vista

It seems that every time Bill Gates hops up on a stage to promote a new operating system, nothing goes according to plan.

At the launch of the Windows XP Operating System, servers shut down, printers didn’t work and access was denied.
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Microsoft Releases One Laptop Per Child Scheme

Just months after Bill Gates mocked the ‘One Laptop per Child” program initiated by Nicholas Negroponte, Microsoft has announced that it will be launching its own sub-$100 laptop for the under-privileged.

Called the “Zule” it is meant to be a companion to the recently released Zune player from the software company.
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Hey Presto! You’ve Got Porn!

Just days after the release of its new product, silicon valley startup Presto has been inundated with calls from angry consumers getting spammed with porn.

The idea for the Presto unit came when they realised there was a need for people who did not interface well with computers. The Presto unit uses a special HP printer that can send data to another machines and back over a normal phone line – no need for internet access or a computer.

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Microsoft Predicts Your Future

While Microsoft has quietly released another one of its ‘services’ to increase awareness and traffic to its Windows Live Messenger platform, some people are already starting to complain about the services.

It’s latest offering, Tales of Zoltar, is based off the fictional character in the 80’s movie Big, starring Tom Hanks. The offering, while clearly engaging the viewer into thinking that they will have their fortune read, is lured into yet another Microsoft positive re-enforcement marketing campaign.

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Calcanis: Greco Roman, Denton: Jelly

After another day of public slinging, blog heavyweights Jason Calcanis and Nick Denton have both appeared in separate interviews with Diane Sawyer from the US 60 Minutes.

The tension in the air at the moment between these two is fierce, with both using the web as a public jousting ring in an attempt to prove their public worth.
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