O’Reilly Announces Web 3.0

In a move that has caught many completely offguard, Tim O’Reilly from O’Reilly Media has announced that they will be moving to web 3.0 in Q1, 2007.

“We see the move to Web 3.0 as a significant step forward for the Venture Capital and Developer community. While it has provided some great apps, Web 2.0 has been the 2006 dotcom bust for most investment groups. And it just can’t continue. Nobody’s making any money – including us!” O’Reilly stated.

“When we started the whole Web 2.0 campaign, it was simply to name a conference with a marketing spin and get some numbers in the door. It worked then, but people have started to come to the realisation that it was a marketing spin on an old theme. But people started to develop a whole market around our marketing spin!. Web 3.0 promises to be more than pure marketing spin and rounded logos.” O’Reilly added.

Venutre Capilalist groups tend to agree. Bob Heinz from Second Round Capital located in California has welcomed the news. “We just can’t see any revenue coming from these Web 2.0 start ups. What O’Reilly has now suggested is going to mean a real shot in the arm for investors again. We’re getting to the end of what we can legitimately strip out of investors at the moment with the Web 2.0 tagline, so a change would be for the better. I just can’t look investors in the eyes honestly anymore.”

So what does Web 3.0 offer the average person behind a keyboard?

“Well firstly we’re coming up with a whole new set of fonts for logos and we’re going to be inviting people to add pictures to their header banners as well. Then we’re coming up with a new marketing plan and more conferences. That’s the clear difference of Web 3.0” O’Reilly stated. “Then, if we have time before the release of Web 4.0, we are going to focus on business models that make money. It’s going to be a hard sell for the next 12 months, but I see a bright future.”

“Most of all, we’re hoping that Web 3.0 is going to sell more copies of our reports and finally put enough bums on seats at our conferences to make them commercially viable.” O’Reilly professed.

The end outcome may be a shock to those who hard just started to embrace the whole Web 2.0 mantra. But other spectators of Web 2.0 agree with the move.

“Clearly to be successful in any marketplace that develops software, an iterative approach to development and contant release cycles that engage the individual is paramount” remarked Steve McConnell, author and Software Development guru. “Outsiders watching Web 2.0 from a financial perspective could see the bust a mile off.”

The Web 3.0 release has been scheduled for 15 January 2007 and will be able to be streamed via YouTube.


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