Apple to Accept $1 ‘Appletax Payments’ for Podcasting

In a play that is nothing short of taking advantage of soon to be passed copyright laws in Australia, Steve Jobs, CEO Apple, has openly announced that Apple will be accepting a $1 per month ‘Appletax’ for the use of the word ‘Podcast’.

In light of recent revelations in the Australian parliament that legislation set to pass there will see the reasonable use of copyrighted material a punishable offence, Jobs has come out swinging.

“Why should the record companies and media networks get a free hand out from the government in terms of protectionism. We invented the whole platform that steals this content – we should also be able to make money from this new legislation’” Jobs said.

“So we’ve extended the recently introduced ‘Appletax’ that we put on to manufacturers making anything to do with an ipod to incorporate any one or thing that uses the word ‘pod’” Jobs added.

What started out initially as Apple’s request for all people using the word ‘podcast’ to cease and desist, claiming copyright and trademark infringement, has now escalated well beyond.

While some people within the industry believing that this is a bizarre move that would only serve to alienate those millions of people listening to podcasts, but could also ruin the industry of podcasting itself.

This action could trigger a wave of hatred for ipod itself.

“We don’t think so”, Jobs stated defiantly.

“All the money that we are raising from the ‘Appletax’ program on the use of the word ‘podcast’ will be reinvested into a new program at Apple aimed purely at developing new words for the internet that we can tax. The ipod can’t last forever – we must come up with new and innovate revenue streams for our shareholders.”

Cameron Reilly, one of the key players in podcasting industry with his own group, The Podcast Network, has singled Jobs out today with one statement – “he can lick my balls”.

Other opponents to the ‘Appletax’ have also come out in resistance stating that they will not pay. “He can suck my balls for all I care”, stated a jovial Dave Gray from the Global Geek Podcast.

Some of the larger US religious right media players are also getting on board with the resilience to Job’s tax. Hank Wamsteker from the North Dakota Christian Podcasting Centre was offended by the news.

Seemingly angry and agitated at the news, Wamsteker said “as far as we can see, this is a great ruin to our newly formed industry. One that can help our fellow man spreading the good work of the Lord through the good use of technology. For all I care, he can suck his own balls!”

Jobs iterated that Apple was hoping to win over support for the new tax, with a range of new YouTube videos featuring Will Ferrell selling the new tax to podcasters. “We’re making it easy for the podcasters with a prepaid credit card in $50 denominations – just like an iTunes card. It’ll be out next month”.


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