Calcanis: Greco Roman, Denton: Jelly

After another day of public slinging, blog heavyweights Jason Calcanis and Nick Denton have both appeared in separate interviews with Diane Sawyer from the US 60 Minutes.

The tension in the air at the moment between these two is fierce, with both using the web as a public jousting ring in an attempt to prove their public worth.

The story was picked up by 60 Minutes off the back of their recent stories on the Google / YouTube purchase. Both Calcanis and Denton agreed to be interviewed byt the veteran Sawyer.

Nick Denton agreed first to be interviewed by Sawyer. A dumbfounded Sawyer was caught on camera saying “WTF?” in a reaction to Denton, stating that he had enought of the blogging war and instead, just wanted to jelly wrestle Calcanis in a public bout in Madison Square Gardens.

After the interview, in which Sawyer was heard stating to her crew “who the crap was that guy?” Denton apparently went into a rage about the fued. “If he thinks he’s so tough in front of a keyboard, then why won’t he wrestle?!”

Sawyer then held a response interview with Jason Calcanis later in the day. Calcanis replied to Denton’s unusual response of jelly wrestling stating “yeah I’d take him on, but Greco Roman style. Jelly’s not my thing. I suffer from type 2 diabetes and the sugar’s not good for me.”

Gina Trapani, the blogger at the centre of part of the issues between Calcanis and Denton, has spoken out against both of them, simply stating “Mud. Just get them in mud – they’re slinging so much of the stuff at each at the moment it just seems appropriate.”

Sawyer is reported to have been consolling Trapani and was then reported to have said about Calcanis and Denton “make sure these freaks don’t have my cell phone number.”



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