‘Patch Tuesday’ To Stay

On the eve of the release of Vista, interviewers have been left concerned with the focus that the ex-Software Architect, Bill Gates, has provided for the company.

When probed as to whether ‘Patch Tuesday’ was going to be a redundant ‘feature’ for all Vista Systems Administrators, Gates’ response was certainly less than expected.

“Over the past 4 years Systems Administrators have set their clocks by Patch Tuesday. This has been a hefty investment in time and lifestyle choice for thousands of Systems Administrators. Just because we’re releasing a new operating system, it by no means indicates that we are taking that away from them!”

Gates then went on to claim that part of the new overall re-architecture of the Microsoft development process included provisions for things such as ‘Patch Tuesday’.

“You know, people laugh at you” Gates said, “but Systems Administrators are fickle people and don’t want their routine changed. And by golly, Microsoft is not going to change it for them”.

To add more weight to his statement and reaffirm Microsoft’s ongoing commitment, Gates added “and we’re also bringing back the Shiloh bug for SQL Server 2005 and we’ve got a team building more an more exploits for Exchange 2007 – watch out for that one. We’ve already started a new campaign of issues for the newly released IE7!”

“You people in the press don’t see the bigger picture” Gates said. “Microsoft, outside the walls of Microsoft, has been one of the single biggest employers in every country’s economy since we released our exploit program of works back in 1996. Do we ever get thanks for it?”

Some commentators have looked upon Gates’ remarks as being ‘controversial’ with some claiming that maybe Gates has completely thrown the towel out the window. However a number of people have come out in support of his statements.

Robert Nicholson, CEO, from Illinois Alliance of System Administrators, came out in support of Gates and that “in our opinion, Microsoft’s exploit program alone in the last 5 years has added at least US$1.72 billion in added Systems Administrator duties in the US alone. This can only be seen as a boon to the IT industry as a whole”.



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