Calcanis To Join The Podcast Network

It seems that a recent series of events in the blogging world have led to moves that may be favouring the CEO of The Podcast Network (TPN), Cameron Reilly.

Reilly is rumoured to be in current discussions with Jason Calcanis in a bid to move him to TPN in the new year.

Just last week one of TPN’s show hosts, Dave Gray, won a battle with Apple in which the term ‘podcast’ became a recognised term that is safe from suit from Apple. Up until recently, there was some conjecture over the term, with rumours that Apple was going intending to impose a tax for use of the term.

However, with any potential litigation out of the way, TPN can pave its way into making generous offers to A-List bloggers to its team.

Recent statistics from Reilly’s network show just how much of a positive impact the news from Apple has been, as evidenced in the graph below, identifying the hit rate on the TPN sites with the news from Apple.


While the rumourmill is abuzz with the offer being made to Calcanis, neither Reilly nor Calcanis have publicly admitted or denied any of the rumours that we can trace.

Inside information to the rumoured deal is unusually difficult to obtain at present. Sources have not been able to confirm any amounts on offer, but some say that Calcanis in an open market would be worth US$1m per annum plus royalties to any network.

“Everyone is so tight lipped when it comes to these sorts of things at the network. I’m not aware of any of the negotiations being made. Even if an offer had been made, we wouldn’t be made aware of it (in the network) because of the privacy of the package being offered. And this is only fair – every new podcaster at the network is entitled to some privacy.” stated Dave Gray.

Only time will tell with this one.



4 responses to “Calcanis To Join The Podcast Network

  1. I wish TPN really had that kind of cash to throw around…

  2. Oh shut up you wining bloody podcasters are all the same. You winge about not having enough listeners, you winge about not getting any money and you winge when someone is better than you are or is worth more.
    Jason is a legend!
    I love TPN as well and Cam is a Legend as well, oh and the gay guy that does the digital photo podcast… too bad I’m not gay- I would probably do him…
    Podcasters are still wingers though, but I like some of you. Actually that geek show is pretty cool but just stop saying there is no money in it… You Podcasters are rolling in cash!

  3. Yeah right. But thanks for saying the show is cool… and no I am not rolling in cash, seriously dude.

    There is no rolling going on here.

  4. I second what Dave said there Leon. There is no money is the everyday podcasting agenda at the moment. That is why everyone is trying to build a business model into their podcast or build their business around podcasting. They want to make money at this thing where people just aren’t making the dollars at the moment. It would be really interesting if Jason gets together with TPN though! -Sebastian

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