Microsoft’s Ballmer Imitates KISS’ Gene Simmons at NASDAQ

After being counseled by Bill Gates and the board for his dancing and ‘hitler-esque’ antics at a recent Microsoft conference, it seems that Steve Ballmer has not taken the advice provided by his mentors.

Seen at a special concert put on by the rock super group KISS at the opening of the NASDAQ on the day of the Vista launch, Ballmer was caught on camera trying to mimick bass player Gene Simmons.

gene simmons from KISS
Despite being warned by Gates and the Microsoft board about curbing his behavior in light of recent negative publicity and destabilizing stock price, Ballmer continued with his antics.

Ballmer tries to do Gene Simmons from KISS

After the concert was finished, Washington Press photographer Richard Drew showed Gene Simmons the photo that he had taken earlier of the Microsoft executive.

Simmons was reported to have stated to Drew “Me: I make this look good. Him…sh*t I feel sorry for the poor woman who has to have sex with that man.”



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