MySpace and FakeYourSpace In Class Actions

Eleven Orange County teenagers have entered into separate class actions against MySpace and FakeYourSpace simultaneously based on the recent action of MySpace to clean up against friend bots from FakeYourSpace.

The action comes as the eleven teenagers have had their MySpace friend rankings reduced from hundreds of thousands to single digit numbers. The teenagers were purchasing ‘friends’ from FakeYourSpace to bolster their MySpace position to become more popular. The ‘friends’ are ‘bots’, that simply insert a number of random hot comments each month into your MySpace account.

MySpace’s recent crackdown on ‘friend-bot’ sites such as FakeYourSpace has sent a shiver down the spine of thousands of American teenagers, happy to pay for such services in the hope of becoming popular amongst their real friends.

The teenagers met on a popular forum for people not happy with the services of MySpace, and, after realizing that they were all in the same area, decided to launch a class action against the two companies.

Initial reports have suggested that the class action on both companies is in the region of US$30 million. MySpace’s legal counsel has refused to discuss the class action by the teenagers as the matter is still before the Courts. FakeYourSpace’s legal counsel have taken a similar stand.

some of the friends from FakeYourSpace

The action against MySpace is primarily for terminating the friend-bots and causing unnecessary harm to the individuals. The action against FakeYourSpace is based purely on the grounds of quality – in so far as that FakeYourSpace did not build a good enough product that could not be detected by MySpace as a fake.

MySpace’s Tom has come out publicly about the matter stating that these friend-bot sites are becoming a nuisance and taking the reality of the social networking that MySpace should be.

“I spend all day checking out new hot chicks on MySpace – that’s my job. Imagine how demoralizing I feel when I start to engage a hot chick and she turns out to be a bot. How am I supposed to pick up chicks? I had to get rid of these friend-bots.” declared Tom.

First impressions would lead anyone to believe that the issue is a problem surrounding young males. However, it’s the young females that seem to be the biggest users of FakeYourSpace.

FakeYourSpace’s Becky has stated to Piistakr today via email that “the hot young girls using our service for hot men are trying to show their friends and other hot men just how hot they are. It’s only natural.”

When discussing the male users, Becky stated “the hot young men using our service for hot women are trying to show their friends and other hot women just how hot they are. It’s only natural.”

The eleven teenagers have reportedly collectively spent over $100,000 in obtaining friends from FakeYourSpace over the past 8 months. Once popular amongst their friends due to their MySpace rankings, their popularity has all but dwindled after the removal of their friend-bots.

One of the teenagers involved in the class action, known only as Fernando, explained the situation. “I was taunted at school for a long time, but once people at school saw that I was part of this subversive sub culture with 16,000 friends (and a lot of hot chicks), my popularity at school was established.”

“Now that people have found out it was fake, my popularity plummeted and I started getting physically attacked by people in school. I’ve had to drop out of school altogether. My parents are not happy because the school will not refund my school fees. My life is ruined.” Fernando added.

Another of the teenagers, who does not want to be named, has started up a counseling site for other aggrieved teenagers called In the statement to Piistakr today, the teenager also advised that there is a consideration to start a ‘Terminate Tom’ day nationally, to be launched in all schools across America.

“MySpace and what it does to teenagers is social suicide and it must be stopped” the teenager demanded. “And we are determined to do something about it.”



16 responses to “MySpace and FakeYourSpace In Class Actions

  1. There’s a logo someone made of “Eating Babies Tom” on myspace – it’s an animated gif of him chomping down an infant. I might have to try to steal that for you.

  2. so dumb. We need tort reform.

  3. Do not worry. We will beat it!

  4. there (sadly) is another site ( where you can schedule “Image” calls – complete with fake voices and Caller ID information – to make yourself look more popular. If that wasn’t enough, they also offer “rescue” calls to help you escape bad and boring situations.
    Is this a trend?

  5. Well what started out as a parody has turned out to be a lesson on how fickle the kids in the OC can actually be if someone can build software like this.

    Us, we’re going on a fishing hunt for ‘fakers’ and their buddies.

    The PT

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