AOL to Buy Out Podcast Network

Last month saw the discussions between Jason Calcanis and The Podcast Network (TPN) to establish a podcasting relationship. Calcanis has this week decided to join VC funding group Sequoia Capital. Now AOL are back in the seat looking for a podcasting partner and has turned its eyes to TPN.

And after all of the current fusses at Yahoo this week, AOL are keeping very tight lipped about any campaigns that they have to purchase players in the podcasting space.

Insiders say that the CEO of TPN, Cameron Reilly, is not particularly fussed about the potential buy out offer. Apparently Reilly is playing coy at the idea of being owned by such a big player and would normally not consider it. Insiders also indicate that Reilly has enjoyed the thrill of establishing TPN and it draws a significant revenue source for him already. A takeover by AOL at this stage may not provide him with any major personal benefit.

Other industry heavyweights are leaning toward Reilly accepting the offer, if made. Rod Hernly from Podcasting Global stated “Reilly has made noises in the past about the shot in the arm funding from a major would provide. In fact, a major player investing in Reilly’s network would also boost podcasting globally and would be a good thing.”

“Given the amount of time and energy invested into making such a successful network, the figure from AOL would have to be substantial.” Hernly added.

AOL sources would not comment on the potential buy out, with spokesman Jim McGrath stating that “any announcements made on purchases would be performed in the usual fashion to the press as a whole rather than some little dodgy fake press site.”



One response to “AOL to Buy Out Podcast Network

  1. Sequoia is funding the Viet Cong? I didn’t even know they were still active!

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