Zune in 13 Colors

Microsoft has just announced that it is releasing the new colored Zune next week, just in time for Christmas in 13 different colors – bondi blue, strawberry, blueberry, lime, grape, tangering, graphite, ruby, snow, indigo, sage, blue dalmation and flower power.

News of the new range of colors has swept through the Zune community with pre-orders already occurring through the Urge site with a promised delivery date (in the US) pre-Christmas, if ordered before 10 December.

Bill Gates from Microsoft has come out in a press release today indicating that the new colors are a shot in the arm for those looking for a competitive offering to the Apple ipod this Christmas.

“Earlier this year we picked up a great industrial designer, Jonathon Ive, who is helping us design a number of new products for summer 2007. His flair and unique designs have been incorporated in to the new design schemes for the Zune. We’re all very excited.”

Ive, best known for his design work on the first release of the Apple imac in 1998, stated “I love the new color design for the Zune. There is something so retro about it. I’m excited to be leadig this project.”

The company, embarrassed after recent embarrassing chicken dancing, NASDAQ and Vista release incidents, has beleived to have been forced by its marketing department to release the colored Zunes earlier that originally expected to arrest the impact of the incidents on falling pre-Christmas sales.

Chuck Mosely from Microsoft’s Public Relations team in Redmond admitted today “ok both Bill and Steve have been playing the goose a little bit these past few weeks, but it’s been a hectic couple of years for them. They’ve been letting off a little bit of steam publicly, and that’s to be expected.”

The new Zune will be released at a special Christmas price of US$119.00 inc delivery to anywhere in the mainland USA.



5 responses to “Zune in 13 Colors

  1. What no fucking pink! You have got to be kidding me. What kind of colour is blue dalmation anyway?

    Ballmer is a bloody mad bastard, you have seen the developers video – he has had a screw loose for years.

    Hey you sure there is no pink? Not just pink – that pink that is really pink, as in very pink…

    Bloody Microsoft, I guess it is way better tha shit brown, there is no way that brown is cool no way.

  2. I think some pukey variety of lime-green would be a boon.

  3. As you realise that now is march, and there are only three colors. I think THis site is Wrong

  4. Very inrteresting,

    Make me think of switching from my iPod

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