Greer: Wiggles are Sexist

After the departure of Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, last week due to a battle with an ongoing medical condition, feminist activist Germaine Greer has lashed out at the Wiggles for not replacing Yellow Wiggle with a woman.

Sam Moran, the understudy for Greg Page for the last five years, has been filling in for Page on the last US tour when Page was too ill to perform. Commentators have stated that children will most likely not notice the difference becuase Moran has dark hair like Page.

However, Greer has lashed out at the Wiggles for not making a change in the female direction. “These Wiggles have made a lot of money from children as an all male group – it’s time they invested some time with the kids in teach them things such as Equal Employment Opportunity.”

“Kids these days look up to so many idols from an earlier age and here is a prime opportunity for the Wiggles to show kids that women can be a part of the Wiggles lineup.” Greer added.

Management for the Wiggles’ Rob Sternly, has publicly stated in defence of their decision to go with Sam Horan as the replacement that “Greer has finally lost it. First she accused Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, of being cruel to animals at the time of his death, and now she is accusing of being sexist.”

“What she doesn’t understand is that we are an all male children’s group. All male. There are mixed groups like Hi-5 who could replace a male with a female if necessary. It would be like trying to put Britney Spears into New Kids on The Block and would look out of place.” Sternly added.

Despite the war of words, Greer has retaliated, with a plan to hold a protest outside of the upcoming Wiggles concerts in Febraury 2007 in London. At the protests, children will be urged to support mixed groups like Hi-5 where equality of roles is shared with women.

“We’ll shows these Wiggles that they cannot pretend to shrug off the necessity to show children just how important it is for women to have equal rights in the workplace” Greer stated.

Red Wiggle, Murray Cook came out in protest against Greer and her comments and simply stated “wake up Germaine!”



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