Windows XP Wins in Usability

The Swedish Laboratory for Usability Testing Studies has just released its 2006 study on Usability of all operating systems at the corporate and home user level. The clear winner from the findings for 2006 has been the Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system.

While Bill Gates was understandably ecstatic about the news, talks from the other major camps, Apple and Linux, state that the study is full of bias and even ‘rigged’.

The study, conducted for a period of 9 months of 2006 and comprising of over 240,000 is said to be the largest private study of its kind anywhere in the world.

However, the integrity of the study is under fire today as the origins of the survey and the survey base have been revealed.

Of the 240,099 people surveyed, 239,322 worked in an office environment where the operating system was Microsoft based.

Steve Jobs and other members of the Apple camp came out today scathing at the findings, calling the team from SLUTS “a scam and nothing but a front for the Microsoft push.”

Jobs added “I wouldn’t even be surprised if Steve Ballmer has paid for this study to be conducted within the confines of the user group that the SLUTS team has selected. Nothing surprises me of his antics these days.”

However, advocates for the SLUTS team have come out fighting in support of the independence of the SLUTS survey.

Johan Anderssen, CEO from SLUTS made a statement today to the press indicating that “our study is amongst corporate users, and corporate users only. It is not about the warfare that is being fought in the home desktop front.”

There have been claims made by the Linux community that the SLUTS team is being offered free licensing (by Microsoft) of their operating systems and servers if a favourable view of Microsoft is presented.

As to whether there has been any funding of the study by the Microsoft camp, Anderssen added “we run Linux boxes here, and not the Novell Suse install either, so we’re pretty neutral. And who would want to run Vista anyway? We can’t afford the sort of desktops required to run Vista.”



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