Predictions for 2007

Here at Piistakr we are joining in the fun that all the arses of the world share in at this time of year – making predictions!

And most of all, we recommend that ours will come true – unlike some of those other columns which ‘claim’ to have the inside information. So here it is, 2007 predicted…

  1. George W Bush will piss us all off. Without a doubt. You didn’t see that one coming did you???!!!
  2. After a year of performing on stage badly, Steve Ballmer will ‘up the ante’ and become the face of Playstation’s Singstar.
  3. Larry Ellison will try and refrain from buying more companies from ex-hires who provided great ideas but, because he was too arrogant to listen, (and because they weren’t his ideas to begin with), he was left with having to buy them.
  4. O’Reilly Media will patent the term ‘2.0’ for everything. And you will have to pay a royalty fee of a $1 every time you use the term.
  5. You will become so uber uncool for using the term ‘2.0’ after everything you have or do, like ‘lunchbox 2.0’ or ‘fart 2.0’ or ‘picked my nose 2.0’
  6. Steve Jobs will become a charity leader. He’s the next in line. You wait your turn.
  7. Some other social networking space other than YouTube and MySpace will reign supreme and all of these capitalists will realise that they have bought mega-flops (and I don’t mean a data storage).
  8. George W Bush will piss us off.
  9. George W Bush will piss us off.
  10. George W Bush will piss us off. Hopefully someone will do something about it. For God’s sake someone use the words ‘Bush’ and ‘impeach’ in the same sentence this year.

Have a great 2007 and keep reading.


One response to “Predictions for 2007

  1. I’m a producer for MTV NEWS. I’d love to talk to the editor of this blog about the Myspace Fakeyourspace story posted a few weeks ago. You can reach me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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