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Predictions for 2007

Here at Piistakr we are joining in the fun that all the arses of the world share in at this time of year – making predictions!

And most of all, we recommend that ours will come true – unlike some of those other columns which ‘claim’ to have the inside information. So here it is, 2007 predicted…

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Zune in 13 Colors

Microsoft has just announced that it is releasing the new colored Zune next week, just in time for Christmas in 13 different colors – bondi blue, strawberry, blueberry, lime, grape, tangering, graphite, ruby, snow, indigo, sage, blue dalmation and flower power.

News of the new range of colors has swept through the Zune community with pre-orders already occurring through the Urge site with a promised delivery date (in the US) pre-Christmas, if ordered before 10 December.

Bill Gates from Microsoft has come out in a press release today indicating that the new colors are a shot in the arm for those looking for a competitive offering to the Apple ipod this Christmas.

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