Irish Air Disaster

Ireland’s worst air disaster occurred early this morning when a small two seater Cessna plane crashed into cemetry.

Officials say that the plane has lost navigational direction and tried to land in what was believed to be an open field.

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MySpace and FakeYourSpace In Class Actions

Eleven Orange County teenagers have entered into separate class actions against MySpace and FakeYourSpace simultaneously based on the recent action of MySpace to clean up against friend bots from FakeYourSpace.

The action comes as the eleven teenagers have had their MySpace friend rankings reduced from hundreds of thousands to single digit numbers. The teenagers were purchasing ‘friends’ from FakeYourSpace to bolster their MySpace position to become more popular. The ‘friends’ are ‘bots’, that simply insert a number of random hot comments each month into your MySpace account.
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Microsoft’s Ballmer Imitates KISS’ Gene Simmons at NASDAQ

After being counseled by Bill Gates and the board for his dancing and ‘hitler-esque’ antics at a recent Microsoft conference, it seems that Steve Ballmer has not taken the advice provided by his mentors.

Seen at a special concert put on by the rock super group KISS at the opening of the NASDAQ on the day of the Vista launch, Ballmer was caught on camera trying to mimick bass player Gene Simmons.

gene simmons from KISS
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Starbucks and Skype Launch Global Free WiFi Network

On the back of recent launches with Vox in Europe, Starbucks and Skype have joined forces together to built the world’s first global private WiFi network.

Customers at Starbucks will be able to use the WiFi connection at any of the participating Starbucks for free, when they purchase a coffee. At the time of ordering, the customer will be given a reusable USB token that will allow them to register their machine for a dedicated period of time, allowing the free WiFi access. Continue reading

Calcanis To Join The Podcast Network

It seems that a recent series of events in the blogging world have led to moves that may be favouring the CEO of The Podcast Network (TPN), Cameron Reilly.

Reilly is rumoured to be in current discussions with Jason Calcanis in a bid to move him to TPN in the new year.

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The New (Legitimate) Porn Presence: eBay and Apple

Following the web steps of Google and PayPal last week, eBay CTO Paul Strong and Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, have announced a joint venture in which Apple will sell off its surplus and unusable porn stock to eBay.

The stock, consisting of items that have either not sold well or have too been hot for Apple to sell, will be available through a registered section of the eBay portal.

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Microsoft’s Gates Gets Bird From Vista

It seems that every time Bill Gates hops up on a stage to promote a new operating system, nothing goes according to plan.

At the launch of the Windows XP Operating System, servers shut down, printers didn’t work and access was denied.
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